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Jobs & Spirit provides German employers with nursing and health care professionals from the following professions:


pediatric nurses

We will find the right employee for our employers and the right job for our candidates. 

We offer a comprehensive service directly or through our partners in Germany.

For candidates our service is completely free.

As an employer, we only charge you a fee, if the new employee is placed successfully and starts working.

Our different categories explained …

About us

You’ll find a description of our team here.



Here you will find an overview of our services and the most important information for employers.



Here you will find an overview of all information that is important for candidates who want to work in Germany:

Graphics for the mediation process

Information about the professional field

Information on rights and obligations/duties


Recognition Procedure

Here is an overview of all the content of the recognition procedure and everything associated with it:

Language acquisition (B1/B2)

recognition process

(Defiztibescheid / Anpassungslehrgang (adaptation period) / Kenntnisprüfung (knowledge test) / required documents)

How do I get my visa?

administrative procedures



Here we try, in the form of blog entries, to collect the most relevant information from the medical care field and everything that has to do with it and to present it in a way that everyone can understand.


You can download all application forms for the Defizitbescheid (Recognition notice)

using the following link, right after you chose the state you want to work in.

If you have any questions, contact us directly

If you have specific questions, you will be connected directly to us by clicking on the button under the desired image. You can then write to us or call us. You can usually reach us directly on weekdays between 8am and 2pm, if this is not the case leave us a message or question and we will get back to you as soon as we get back to the office. Below our pictures you will also find our areas of responsibility.

*If you are viewing this page on your mobile phone, you will be forwarded to us directly via WhatsApp. If you are on our site via a computer, you are welcome to use the contact form or our number: https://www.jobsandspirit.com/en/contact-2/ 

Cvita Pavlovic
Cvita Pavlović


  • all processes before receiving the employment contract
  • first contact
  • candidate support
  • acquisition of employers
  • communication with the employer
Zan Stefkovic
Žan Štefkovic


  • all processes after receiving the employment contract
  • Defizitbescheid (recognition notice)
  • Recognition and visa procedures
  • communication with the authorities
Ljiljana Valcic
Ljiljana Valčić


  • candidate support
  • first contact
  • acquisition of employers
Branko Erich Valcic
Branko Valčić


  • project development
  • questions concerning the contract

Our latest blog posts

Application for the Defizitbescheid in Hesse (Germany)

Application for the “Defizitbescheid” in Hesse (Germany)

In this post you will learn which documents you need in order to apply for a "Defizitbescheid" (assessment notice/recognition notice) in Germany, specifically in this case in Hesse. If you are from a country from outside of the EU and you want to work in Germany as a...

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