You are a nurse and you’re looking for a job in Germany? Here you will find all the necessary information.

Much of the information that we offer here can be found in the information brochure “Fair Recruitment”, which you can download here.

Placement and Recruitment Process

We will help you to find an employer in a federal state/region of your choice and we:

  • will accompany you from the application phase up until the moment when you sign your contract and you get professionally recognized afterwards
  • are always your contact person for problems and questions
  • organize the job interview (usually Zoom)
  • give you advice for the job interview
  • help and support you with the visa procedure
  • help with the professional recognition
  • help you fill out the application form for the professional recognition (in German)
  • help you communicate with the employer and we will help with the bureaucracy
  • will find at least a temporary accommodation via the employer

In short, we are here for any questions or doubts you may have and that free of charge!


What does our work together look like?

  1. You contact us and tell us your wishes and expectations concerning the job
  2. You send us all the needed documents
  3. We create a profile for you (we may need additional information from you)
  4. We look for an employer for you
  5. After we find an employer, we make an appointment for a job interview
  6. After the employer agrees to hire you, we help you with all the necessary processes

Here is a simplified overview of the mediation process


Here is a more specific overview of the mediation process

*All time designations may vary in individual cases and are based on our personal empirical values

The duration of the “Kenntnisprüfung” is based on the approach and cooperation with Lingoda

The duration of the “Anpassungslehrgang” depends on the respective “Defizitbescheid”

ARZ (§ 26 Abs.2 BeschVO-Westbalkanregelung) – can currently only be made use of by Bosnian citizens

In our category “Recognition Procedure” you can find out how the visa and recognition process works in detail.

Information on the Professional Field

In Germany nursing professions are so-called “regulated professions”. This means that the training is regulated  either by the Federation or by one of the Federal States. In order to work in Germany and in order to get your professional recognition, you need to submit an application for professional accreditation/recognition.

Since 2020 there has been a uniform vocational qualification resulting in the new job title “nursing professional” (Pflegefachmann / Pflegefachfrau), which should replace the previous designations in the long term, but for now the following titles are still used in many federal states: geriatric nurse (Altenpfleger*in) – licensed practical nurse (Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger*in) – paediatric nurse (Gesundheits- und Kinderkrankenpfleger*in)

If you want to know what exactly the difference between all these terms is and how your “Defizitbescheid” could be affected by the laws, please read our blog post (only available in German and Croatian).

You can also consult the information brochure.

There are different tasks and fields of work for nurses and you will find a good overview on that topic on page 6 of the information brochure.

You can find further information on that topic here:



Information on gainful employment – rights and duties

Before you come to Germany, it would be of advantage to inform yourself about your rights and duties as an employee. You will find a brief summary on the topic in the above-mentioned information brochure “Fair Recruitment”.

During your time of gainful employment as a nurse in Germany, you are obliged to pay social insurance contributions. This means that you are automatically a member of various insurance companies. A certain amount of money will therefore be automatically deducted from your salary and paid into insurance companies.

Compulsory insurances:

  • Health and nursing care insurance
  • Pension insurance
  • Unemployment insurance