We can help you find an employer in a region of your choice and we:

  • will accompany you from the application phase up until the moment when you sign your contract and you get professionally recognized afterwards
  • are always your contact person for problems and questions
  • organize the job interview (usually Skype)
  • give you advice for the job interview
  • help and support you with the visa procedure
  • help with the professional recognition
  • help you fill out the application form for the professional recognition (in German)
  • help you communicate with the employer and we will help with the bureaucracy
  • will find at least a temporary accommodation via the employer

In short, we are here for any questions or doubts you may have and that free of charge!


How can you imagine our work together?

  1. You contact us and tell us your wishes and expectations for work
  2. You send us all the needed documents (see below)
  3. We create a profile for you (we may need additional information from you)
  4. We look for an employer for you
  5. After we find an employer, we make an appointment for a job interview
  6. After the employer agrees to hire you, we help you with all the necessary processes


Please send all the required documents to info@jobsandspirit.com

For all not yet recognized candidates (please send all the documents in your native language and in German):

  • CV with a picture (only in German)
  • Diploma of completed education
  • Confirmations of 1.- 4. classes of school
  • State examination
  • Internship certificate
  • Subject list (list of all classes they attended)
  • Language certificate B1 or B2 (it has to be a telc, Goethe or ÖSD certificate)


Already recognized candidates

  • CV with a picture (only in German)
  • Certificate of professional recognition n German „Urkunde“ (only in German)
  • Language certificate B2 (it has to be a telc, Goethe or ÖSD certificate)