We support you as the employer in finding suitable employees from the medical and nursing sector.


  • create an informative application profile for all our candidates for you
  • make a pre-selection according to your specifications before we introduce you to your candidates
  • organize interviews in front of a live camera, so both sides can get a first impression (only if required)
  • are available as moderators for every interview and we can help with communication problems if necessary
  • know the mentality of our candidates
  • know the requirements for employees in Germany and we can convey these to our candidates in their respective native language in advance
  • reduce prejudices and fears on both sides
  • are your contact person for potential problems before and after the beginning of work and we will try to solve them
  • all grew up bilingually and speak German and Croatian fluently


If you want to meet the candidate in person, we help with the arrival/transport and the process of an internship/work shadowing, if needed.

Use our professional experience to your advantage:



  • organize fairs
  • offer educational projects, which consist of B2 courses and preparations for the  „Kenntnisprüfung” in your home country (for now only Serbia and Bosnia) 
  • we support you the candidates during the visa procedure
  • help with difficulties that might arise with the bureaucracy